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St Lucas Church at Christmastime, Enjoy the Season

There are many old and historic churches in the Milwaukee area.  I had the opportunity to photograph St. Lucas Church in Bay View WI right after if was decorated for Christmas. http://www.saintlucas.org/   Beautifully done with a blue colored theme this year.

RE43                       RE11

I am drawn to the architecture and of course the stained glass windows.

RE7                         RE6

I am always up for photographing different settings even if it might be out of my comfort zone.  Over this past year I have been shooting more in manual mode.  I try to achieve the best photo I can in camera.  I feel there is always more to learn and more to improve on.  When creativity is a passion it’s also important to reflect on how far you have come.  I appreciated this particular opportunity because it allowed me to realize I do have my own style which actually made me smile.  I enjoy looking though other photographer’s work in admiration.  Sometime I think “I wish I could do that”  It is a pretty normal observation.  However I have never felt the the need to try and copy other’s work, and for that I am happy.

RE26                           RE40

This time of year means similar yet different things to each individual.  Whether you are religious or not, I hope you see the beauty of the season.  Whether you celebrate or not I hope you keep in mind all that is important.

Wishing you and your families Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas


More of the Church photos may be viewed on my facebook page.  Please keep in mind that facebook decreases the quality of the photos.



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