Keep Art Honest, Keep Art Alive

Today I came across a post on Facebook that inspired me to write this blog. There is a wonderful networking photography community on Facebook. It is just one of the many Internet sites that allow us to share and connect. However, Facebook, just like the rest of the Internet and everything else, can be used for good and for bad.

The post I saw this morning was regarding a photo that was posted to another page with the signature cropped out and no photo credit given.  I’m sure this happens more than we know.  As well as people using other’s photos/art as their own whether for monetary value or not.

When I started putting my photos out there, this was my concern.  I wanted to share the beauty, my passion, my vision, and create emotion.  I did not want the possibility of my being stolen or used in an incorrect manor.  So what do you do?  Adding a signature to the photo seems to be the best option.  Adding a digital watermark is another option, but I’m sure most people don’t check before using.  Originally I had my photography name clearly all over the photo. 

Moonlight Milwaukee Art Museum

Moonlight Milwaukee Art Museum

To me anyone can see the beauty in a photo behind any type of watermark, but I began thinking it might take a bit away from the photo and looking at other photos being posted I thought I would try to do a more simple signature line as well as resize the photo, also adding a digital watermark as well.  I thought that might help from someone printing it out without my knowledge.  I try to be aware of where I place the signature, putting it in a place where it cannot be easily cropped out.  Putting it too far to the top or bottom creates too much ease for anyone to crop it out as was proven by the photo I saw today.  However the photos that seem to be shared the most on other pages are photos that have no signature or a very small one.  So again what do you do?

Below the Hoan

Below the Hoan


Anyone can create a page to showcase art.  It’s a beautiful thing to share, that is why artists create art.  But lets all keep in mind what goes into creating a photograph as well as any art. Photography is more than just snapping a photo. Its a glimpse of us, what we see through our eyes and our lens. It usually involves carrying around a lot of equipment. Much thought went into what equipment to invest in, which equipment is the best to use to capture that particular moment. Travel, braving weather conditions, waiting for the right lighting, that perfect time. Deciding how best to post process the photo and share it with the world. Most artists do not make a ton of money off of their work and for some it is not as important as being proud of your own work. To have someone deny you of that is unfair to say the least.

Once photos get out there to the world, they are hard to track. Please be conscience of this when you share. And by all means, do share! Just make sure that credit is given when credit is due and add a link back to the artist when possible. When I come across a photo that catches my eye I like to see where it came from, who created it, what their collection looks like.


Frozen Waterfall, Grant Park

Frozen Waterfall, Grant Park


2 comments on “Keep Art Honest, Keep Art Alive

  1. Lived this Heather, & it us so true! The word I kept thinking od when I was reading this was “RESPECT”!


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