The Climb

Nature Feeds the Soul
Surround yourself with Nature and you will never be alone.
Feel the peacefulness, breathe in the air, listen to the sounds, see the colors, find beauty in it all.
Allow yourself to absorb the healing energy.

The Magic of October is among us. It is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That has inspired me to share a personal story behind this photo.
I love the changing of the seasons. As I neared my end of a walk through the park I came to these set of stairs. I could feel the climb before I even walked it. It spoke to me in an unexplainable way. I posted it in a group of fall photos I had taken and titled it “The Climb”. A family member commented “wow” & “one step at a time”. Not too long after that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom wanted to do something special for her. Being so far away the traditional thought is usually send flowers. However they don’t last. So my mom had the thought of sending her one of my photos. She had commented on many of my photos but without thinking about it too much this is the one I felt would be the best one to send.

It has been over a year and I am happy to say she is cancer free. However as many know the healing process continues to be an uphill battle.

Going back to the photo, earlier this year she posted on it again. “I looked at it the whole time i was stuck in bed healing. I looked at my last post and that was before i was diagnosed with breast cancer. who knew? someone knew. and it is gorgeous”

She had liked the photo before she even knew the true meaning behind it. As I felt it during that walk in the park before I knew how strong of a meaning it could have. I was not just a photo full of steps and fall leaves but it spoke to her personally.

This is what fuels my passion. I consider Photography and Art to be very healing and therapeutic, whether you are the artist or the viewer. What you see and feel is everything. I feel the most alive when I am behind the camera capturing the beauty of what I see. For that to come across to the viewer is a priceless feeling.

We all have uphill battles whether it be our health or otherwise. We all go through rough spots. We have all felt the climb at one time or another. To be able to bring nature into your home through a photograph means you will always have the healing energy of it in front of you to visualize.

2the climb


2 comments on “The Climb

  1. Food for thought, well written Heather.


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