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“I like this era because the music business at least in America is, unless you just want to do what corporate people tell you to do and look the way they want you to look and have people make records for you or whatever, then it seems something to do but,  if you have a […]

The Question of Light: Tilda Swinton’s speech at the Rothko Chapel

Originally posted on Conner Habib:
Below is the only place to read Tilda Swinton’s moving and radiant speech at the Rothko Chapel in Texas.   Why do I have it?  A brief explanation. Last year, actress Tilda Swinton was presented with the Rothko Chapel Visionary Award at the The Rothko Chapel, which is home to…

Music is Embedded in Us

Music feeds the Soul. It has the ability to make you feel every emotion possible. It brings joy and happiness, it cleanses the body with tears, it makes you move, a simple smile, a deep thought, inspiration and healing is found. The best songs resonate from within. They pull and tear at your heartstrings until […]