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Music is Embedded in Us

Music feeds the Soul. It has the ability to make you feel every emotion possible. It brings joy and happiness, it cleanses the body with tears, it makes you move, a simple smile, a deep thought, inspiration and healing is found. The best songs resonate from within. They pull and tear at your heartstrings until you feel as if you almost can’t breathe. They can take you to anywhere you want to go and to anywhere you have been.

The movie “Alive Inside” produces positive inspiration as to how to access the mind in order to assimilate healing.  It follows one man’s journey to integrate music therapy as a way to heal beyond the so called “traditional”.  Rather than concentrate on lab manufactured medicine alone, which is often times harmful, our healthcare system would be better served to address the issue of involving natural therapeutic ways of healing and living.  Those of which form harmony of the mind, body and soul.  “We haven’t done anything to touch the heart and the soul of a patient” ~ Alive Inside

Music activates the mind, it makes us come alive.  Where do you go in your mind and your soul when you hear or sing a song?  Did you ever feel like a song was written just for you?  Maybe it fits into what you think or feel that day or maybe it tells the story of who you are at that moment or some moment in time.  Messages come through songs.  I hear a song and it sparks a memory or an inspiration producing clarity for me.  They keep me on track with my daily message.  As does other forms of creativity and art.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother who passed away 2 years ago today.  She was 93 years old.  It was through her wisdom, inspiration and nurturing that I was allowed to be myself.  I watched her struggle with dementia, caring for her along with my mother.  During her last days I witnessed her recalling all the memories of her life on this earth.  It signified her metamorphosis and freedom as does the butterfly which was her favorite symbol in nature, producing clarity and beauty beyond.



DSC_0632photo taken 5-26-14



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