Self Portrait of an Artist

The way an artist represents herself will be her legacy.

Heather Maria self portrait 5

It represents who she is.

Heather Maria self portrait 4

It shows her Journey.

Heather Maria self portrait 6

Being an artist can be as much about being in front of the camera as well as being behind it.

Heather Maria self portrait 1

It takes a special person to be able to do both.

I was inspired by the classic photographer Vivian Maier who is well known for her self portraits.

Self Portrait means self love in the kindest most gentile way possible.

inspired by Vivian Maier

inspired by Vivian Maier

Heather Maria self portrait 3

Two essentials for living are my camera and music.  It is not only art, it is life.

Heather Maria self portrait 7

Heather Maria self portrait 8

Music is like a sunrise.  It feeds the soul.

Heather Maria self portrait 10

It makes you move, a simple smile, a deep thought, inspiration and healing is found.

see Shannon Leto playing L490


Heather Maria self portrait 9

Passion is forever, it is eternal.


2 comments on “Self Portrait of an Artist

  1. Love your creative artwork.


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