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None of us grow up being “Perfect”

None of us grow up being perfect.

Skin not perfect?  Not dark enough?  Have too many wrinkles?  A little cellulite?  Not smooth enough?  Have a few visible scars?  Pores too open and visible?  Dark circles or bags under your eyes?  A little crows feet?  Lips not perfect enough?  Teeth not straight or white enough?  Insecure about your smile?  Hair too curly or too straight?  Hair not the perfect color or style?  Too much body hair?  Too big or too small for your body frame?  Muscles not tone enough?  Breasts too small or too large?  Stomach too large?  Waist too big?  Legs too short?  Feet too big?  Unhappy with your body frame?

Life is too short to be unhappy or to be so critical.

It’s the way we look past or beyond those so called “imperfections.”  Find someone who will love you for you and always love yourself.  Let’s all stop being so judgmental and find the inner person.  Then love that person on the outside.  It doesn’t matter when you can see who that person really is.  We don’t always see those so called “imperfections” when we are in-tune with ourselves.  We are all a little different inside and out.  It’s what makes the world go round.  This is nothing new.  It’s not a new topic, but it’s an important one as we move forward in life.  It bears repeating.  This goes for men too as much as it goes for women.  But we as women go out of our way to search for that perfect…chasing that which may never come and wasting precious time enjoying what is.  Find people who not only love you for you, but go out of their way to tell you…not only tell you but show you as well.  Be supportive in every way.  Be an inspiration.

While I was writing this I found a quote on my Yogi tea box that fits.

“We work with what nature already offers rather than trying to concoct it.”  Find out who you are and do the best with it.  Be your best self but don’t miss out on life doing it.  Accept yourself in every way.  Accept others in every way.  It’s the inner self that knows.  It’s our inner self that not only knows our self but know others.

As the butterfly transforms it might not always be perfect but it given the chance it will be beautiful and it deserves to be real.  Not only show love but be love.  Make this world a better place…a place in which we all want to live.

Butterfly after transformation


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