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Be Open

Today I happened upon an article.  It was a nice read learning about one woman’s journey.  What really struck a chord with me was the last paragraph.

“The Universe is yearning for (a) new shift in thinking. Everywhere, people are taking steps in the direction of the Light. We are making great progress in assimilating and applying subtle metaphysical knowledge. And, most important, we are stepping out of our comfort zones to rediscover life in new and exciting ways.”


It’s the shift in thinking we all need.  Not everyone understands or believes but given the opportunity we can and should all listen with our hearts and be open to something more whether it seems real or not.

No one knows what we are all capable of as spiritual beings.  There is much to be  explored and understood if one is willing to do so.  Not everything is black and white.  New ways of thinking are open to us all the time.

Allow yourself to be open.

Blue Moon


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