A picture tells a story

There is always some sort of backstory to every photograph ever taken.  While the photograph taken is enough, I love hearing stories behind it.  This is one of my most prized photos, as in one of my favorites I’ve ever taken.  It is in it’s natural state, straight out of camera.  No editing or Photoshop needed, only the use of natural light.

This photo won the long exposure contest on the Capture Wisconsin website as editor’s choice.

It was taken at twilight.  Just as the sun was setting I began to take photographs of this waterfall.  I took a number of them.  As the sun was below the horizon and the light was fading I was about to pack up and leave.  I could see this shot in my mind and said to myself “just one more.”  This is the shot I produced.  I named it “Ghostly” for it’s ethereal look and feel.



This year I was blessed to meet a Shaman.  Shamanic healing works with healing through the mind, body, spirit and soul.  Just as I believe photography and art can heal the mind, body, spirit and soul in many ways.

I was honored to have him look at my portfolio of photography.  He was thoroughly impressed and gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.  “For the sake of humanity, don’t stop taking photos.”

Shamanic journeying tells a story.  Not only behind every photo is a story but within every photo.  Not only shaman but intuitives and empaths are sometimes able to see what others do not.  If you look at the realm of everything and take the time you never know what you might see.

So tell me, what do you see?


12 comments on “A picture tells a story

  1. Wow Heather Maria! What an amazing photo. I see energy moving, connection, interconnection and beauty. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you for listening to that inner voice and sharing such a special result. It is, indeed, ghostly… in the richest sense of the word.


  3. I see energy and how interconnected everything is! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your inspiration in taking photographs. I love what the shaman said to you, “For the sake of humanity, do not stop taking photos.” Beautiful!


  4. “Just one more…” Ahh, such beauty and when we allow ourselves to hear and listen to Spirit’s call! Thank you for sharing. For you, the artist I see how you captured your Spirit’s call. For viewers and onlookers I see a promise of HOPE: clarity through the mist, light to guide you through the darkness, honoring the dark space within as it shows us our light, etc.,


  5. I see the Earth Spirits reaching out to tell us what we need to know.


  6. Truly a beautiful piece of art! My takeaway? The reflection, like spirit, is all-encompassing for in it, you see everything. BTW, I agree with the Shaman!


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