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Channeling my Soul

Two years ago this month of August I went through a spiritual awakening.  I started to channel my soul and my angels in the way of automatic writing.  It was such a blessing and a joy.  I love to write but would usually put it off.  Maybe there was a reason for that.  We never know what is in store for us or what our future may hold.  What transpired were some very beautiful poems and short stories.  After writing them I wasn’t sure what I would do with them as some are very personable.  I can’t imagine them sitting in my home with no one to read them so I looked into getting them published.  Last year I was discouraged as I spoke with a publisher who feels it is difficult to publish poems.  I continued to write on and off while still feeling the need to put these into a book.  Sometimes I didn’t always feel so spiritually connected.  Now two years later in the month of August I felt the need to try again to contact another publisher.  I became more spiritually connected and began writing more.  I added all the new poems and submitted it with faith to this publisher.  I have not heard back from her as of yet but I do hope to hear something positive soon.  I feel the need to add some light and love to the world.

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”   ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

I find it interesting to be/feel so spiritually connected during the month of August.  This year I found a reason.  The number 8 is a very spiritual number and is the highest feminine number.  According to Elizabeth Peru “EIGHT is the number of balance, harmony and a perfect blend between the physical and spiritual worlds, between thought and manifestation.”  Many of my poems were also written on 8-8.

If you have never channeled before or did automatic writing I suggest you give it a try.   Meditate on it, pray for it, do what you can to connect.  It is very interesting and you never know what might show up for you.

A few excerpts from my channeled writings.

“…feeling more determined than ever to believe in a sense of what may come as she transforms herself into what she always was meant to be”  written 8-6-2014, 6:42am

“…she shoulders everything until hearts are filled and dreams are realized”  written 8-8-2014, 9:04am

“Wishes of her memory blow from her wistful mouth connecting to a string of balloons of purple and red…” From the poem “Wishes and Kisses” written 8-8-2014, 11:44am


Photo taken on 8-8-2014 of my Rose of Sharon flower with a bee peeking out of the center.

Purple is seen as having sacred meaning, the flowers are considered delicate and precious.
The color purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, enhancing the sacred, creating feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity.



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