We can all be spiritually touched by light and love.

I recently met a woman who is very spiritually attuned.  She asked me to take some photos of her in the spiritual manner.  I was very thrilled and inspired to do so as I had not done a photo shoot like this one before.  While we weren’t sure exactly what we were going to do we had ideas and some of the photos turned out great!

This beautiful woman’s name is Caroline and her website is www.Satori324.com  you can also find her and her inspiration on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/satori324/  Satori mean’s Enlightenment.  Please visit her page to see her story on what lead her to create Satori324 which is “a community focused on healing, connecting, sharing and transforming to empower others by allowing them to empower themselves.”


We can all be spiritually touched by light and love.  This is a firm belief of mine.  Spreading light and love to others is the key to evolution of our spiritual being.  With that we can create a world never really known before.  A world void of fear and replaced with love.  Love comes from our heart center, a place where we find peace.  When we can stay centered it is a beautiful thing which adds peace and love to the world.  That peace and love can lead to passion, passion to live a life not fully known before.  Don’t be afraid to expand and explore the nature of things.  It helps to move us all forward.


Arms outstretched with the balance of the world.


Being at one with nature

There needs to be a progressing in the way we choose to heal ourselves.  Relying on faith alone is not enough.  We must trust our souls to lead us to where we need to go void of ego.

The strength lies within.

When we become still and pull into our heart center, images can be seen and wisdom can be heard.

We resonate with energy that transcends us to beautiful.


Arms outstretched toward the healing energy of water.


Healing aids


Hands are delicate to the touch yet strong with wisdom.


During our second meeting we decided to try something different.  The goals was to be at one with nature and the angels capturing spirituality in a photo.

I find cemeteries, especially the old historic ones, to be very ethereal and peaceful.  Angels are everywhere.  Their essence is captured in beautiful statues that help us connect the two worlds her and beyond.









Connecting with the angles.


To see my angel statue photos view my Facebook angel album.  http://bit.ly/2gaLXWp

They are also for sale on ETSY http://etsy.me/2fROJPA

If you see any on Facebook that you are interested in but are not listed on ETSY please message me.

With light and love, Heather Maria


7 comments on “We can all be spiritually touched by light and love.

  1. Such inspirational writing and beautiful moving photography..thank you for sharing..Karen


  2. What a beautiful presence she is in the world, and your photos are beautiful as well!


  3. What a spectacular portrait shoot. Breathtaking.


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