What do you desire to create?

desire to create

What do you create or desire to create?

Passion can attack us at our very core.  For me creating photographs and poetry plus combining the two is embedded in my soul.  I am truly blessed at having this type of creativity within me.

So many things bring me inspiration.  To have the ability to capture that through a photograph or through words is not only infectious but a blessing that I would never take for granted.  I treasure the fact that I can share this with the world.

One of my deepest yearnings is to share love.  Within the context of love there is is a multitude of words, thoughts and emotions related.  Passion, compassion, encouragement, empowerment, joy, happiness, peace, kindness, inspiration and so on.  It is my innate desire to bring this to the world.  I aspire to be not only an inspirational but a positively influential being and I am frequently drawn to the same type of soul.

In one way or another we are all connected within our souls.  When we live in balance it is easier to see that.  Balancing the mind, body, spirit, and soul brings forth a new dimension of ourselves.  A brighter and better one.

When I write I really pull from my soul.  That’s when I feel I am at my best, when we are all at our best, no matter what we are doing at that moment in time.

Fill yourself with love, then encourage yourself to see what transpires.


2Moonbeam sky (8x10)

Moonbeam Sky




6 comments on “What do you desire to create?

  1. Beautifully written!


  2. My greatest desire is to create a more loving, peaceful world. To that end, I commit any talent with words and writing that Ihave.


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