Sunrise Meditation

Mornings are always good.  It when life gives us the opportunity to start again.


At night sleep gives us the rest we need to allow us to let go of anything that bothered or haunted us from the day before.  It’s where we dream, recover and repair mind, body, spirit and soul.

The sun rises as we awake with the ability to start a new day fresh, free from anything we want to let go.  It gives us another opportunity to move forward.

I am personally grateful for the sun.  I turn to it each day for strength and energy.

Sunrise is a great opportunity to set your intentions for the day and/or your life.  It’s where you can state your gratitude, say your affirmations, speak to the universe and or the divine, speak to yourself, and then listen quietly.

Meditate toward the sun as you absorb it’s healing light.  If you can’t always do this out in nature, pick a photo or photos of the sun that resonate with you.  Spend a little time viewing them.  Then close your eyes and visualize inside your mind, feeling the warmth of the sun, going though your meditation ritual.



2DSC_0416 (crop)cpCrossProcess50


How many of you meditate or state your intentions in the morning?  What’s your ritual?  What helps you to start your day?

the sun

** For more sun photos visit my Facebook page The Sun album https://www.facebook.com/pg/HeatherMariaPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=374417282600338

Enjoy each and every day!


6 comments on “Sunrise Meditation

  1. I meditate in front of the window every morning even on cloudy days. I know the sunshine is up there just behind the clouds!


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