7 Reasons To Understanding


This week the angles brought me messages. I feel that it is important to inspire the world with these messages which I consider blessings from Divinity.

Beloved Ones, we want to let you know all is well, it’s time to spread your wings and live your passion. With spiritual understanding you will have harmony in your life and all relationships, in turn allowing prosperity.

Blessing #1
Archangel Chamuel
Beloved One, call on me regularly. I can help you fall in love with your life and heal and manifest wonderful relationships.

Blessing #2
Archangel Jeremiel
All Is Well
Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.

Blessing #3
Archangel Ariel
Spread Your Wings
Do not hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar! It’s safe to follow your heart and dreams. Keep your focus upon love, service and spirit. Healing and authoring world service is especially important at this time, including environmental service which is close to Ariel’s heart. We are creating a new future for this next upcoming year to expand the consciousness of life.

Blessing #4
Archangel Haniel
Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career. I’ve lit the flame of passion in your heart to lead and guide you. Follow your hearts desire

Blessing #5
Archangel Raziel
Spiritual Understanding
I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths. Your spiritual understanding is rising to another level, as you open up to new ways of looking at life. Keep an open mind, and let go of limited thinking and illusions. Pay attention to signs, especially information that comes to you 3 or more times. Notice geometric shapes and symbols in your physical and psychic vision.

Blessing #6
Archangel Raguel
Relationship Harmony
We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Visualize everyone involved being open minded, including yourself, even if particular persons are not usually this way, because we opening the consciousness of all.

Blessing #7
Archangel Ariel
Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality. I am pouring prosperity upon you and your life, and ask that you open your arms to receive. We’ll work together to realize your highest dreams. And we know you will pass along the goodness to others as well.


3 comments on “7 Reasons To Understanding

  1. Thank you for sharing this today, I love connecting to the Angels.


  2. Thank you for writing and channeling I have been feeling and in sync with messages i have been recieving. Beautifully done đź’–


  3. Thank you so much for the angel messages!


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