The Magic of Wonderland

Step into the unknown with me…


On The Edge Of Dreams

2DSC_0001c2 (re63)


The Path Not Taken

The Path Not Taken



2W12-GrantPark 19

Into the Woods

caught in a dream

Portrait of a Winter Tree

2DSC_0663 (2)C

Twilight Snowfall


Pierhead through the snow


Within Winter Holds Time


Coffee and Cream

2DSC_0071c-2 (re50)

Two of a Kind


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18 comments on “The Magic of Wonderland

  1. Heather, I love how you have captured the stillness and the beauty of the season without giving me the feeling of turning away from the frigid temperature! Very inviting-come and explore!

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  2. Such beautiful and tranquility! You have such a wonderful eye for beauty.

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  3. These truly capture the season and the idea that a picture does, indeed, speak a thousand words. Beautiful!

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  4. I lack words to express how these make me feel Heather!
    There is so much beauty around us. We need to open our eyes to see.

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  5. As someone who loves the sun of spring and summer, thank you for the reminder of how exquisite winter can be and how magical trees always are!

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  6. These are delicious — especially the bare-branched lone tree in the fog. Spectacular. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I absolutely love trees and feel blessed to see these beautiful trees in their winter splendor. I live in Southern California now but used to live in Colorado and miss the snow covered trees. Thank you so much Heather!

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  8. Appreciating all of these magical moments that you captured especially the lighthouse image. I just visited one of America’s oldest still operating lighthouses in St. Augustine over Christmas. They hold a certain pull for me which I plan to meditate one. Thanks, for sharing your gifts with me, Maria.

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