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Moonlight’s Purple Haze

The moon has moved into the intuitive sign of Pisces. During this time we are better able to access our spiritual gifts. Pisces has an otherworldy quality to it. Being a water sign it allows intuition to flow freely through your being. We are better able to absorb impressions, images and emotions from everything around us.

If you are looking to become more in touch with yourself, spirituality and the world around you this weekend is the perfect time to do so. The moon itself is magical. It asks us to focus on our hopes and dreams and to use our imagination in a way to inspire us to live.

The Pisces Moon connection gives us a sympathetic heart, an artistic temperament and a great capacity for doing work that will make a lasting impression as dreams, ideas and visions are waiting to be turned into reality.
We seek the magic and mystery of life and desire to uncover the hidden.

It is also a good time to be compassionate towards ourselves.

With unconditional love ~ Heather Maria


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Together we can reach more people who might not otherwise see it.

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