In Honor of Monolith

I have an affinity for black and white photography.  Ansel Adams being one of the most well known photographers to take nature landscapes in black and white.

He is quoted as saying “Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space. I know of no sculpture, painting or music that exceeds the compelling spiritual command of the soaring shape of granite cliff and dome, of patina of light on rock and forest, and of the thunder and whispering of the falling, flowing waters. At first the colossal aspect may dominate; then we perceive and respond to the delicate and persuasive complex of nature.”

His descriptive words are poetic as are his photographs.

Here is the Monolith, the Face of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California (1927)
He considered it his “first really fine photograph,” a career-changing image that marked his first successful “visualization”
This is Ansel Adams’s term for carefully determining all elements of a photograph before ever releasing the shutter.

It’s a stunning photo the immediately captured my eye.


In honor of birthday today I’m posting some of my black and whites.



“Life upon the pier creates perspective beyond our youth.” ~ Heather Maria

I was inspired to take this one after taking a walk through the woods down to the beach at 7 bridges in Grant Park, South Milwaukee, WI

in and beyond

In and Beyond

This is June’s Strawberry Moon taken from my backyard.



Enlightenment in one of the highest states of being taken in the Fall of 2013 as the sun rose.

A Scattering of the Cosmos

A Scattering of the Cosmos

Low lying clouds over Lake Michigan on an electric morning.

Time To Live

Time To Live

Big Ditch Lake in the shadowy hills of West Virginia

2New Reflection

New Relection

A Winter’s afternoon walk in the park.

The Capsule of Time

The Capsule of Time

A moment in time spent at Cathedral Waterfall near Gauley Bridge West Virginia.

The creek begins on Gauley Mountain and drops to the New River.  The drop is nearly 100 feet over a series of Upper Nuttall sandstone ledges.


The beauty of Mother Nature is astonishing.  The time taken to stop and view it is forever in my mind.  It leaves me with a breathless emotion as I capture art.


** All photos are available for purchase.  Please contact me if interested.




10 comments on “In Honor of Monolith

  1. Thank you for your beautiful images Heather! I share your love for black and white photography. If you are on Instagram checkout my page to see some of mine! ❤ @karahopeclark_leaningintogrief

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  2. Your photos are so beautiful. I especially love the “strawberry moon” one!

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  3. I have always loved Ansel Adams work, and yours is simply beautiful, especially the one of the pier!

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  4. Beautiful photos! Love black and white!!!

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