Trees are the Heart and Soul of Nature

Today is National Love A Tree Day.  I love trees, all kinds.
My favorite has always been the Willow Tree. There is just something about it. I am fascinated by them.

I found this wonderful quote online regarding the “Weeping Willow”

I am big into symbolism.  I believe everything has meaning.

willow tree 2

Being a photographer, I love capturing nature at different angles.  On this particular day I captured different willow trees and they inspired me to write.



The willow tree weeps for her heart is broken from waiting on lost dreams that never come to fruition
Tired of the struggle that never ends she is crushed
Left with pealing and scalded skin tearing apart at her core
Yet she hangs onto nothing and everything at the same time
Written 2014


May you forever Dance under a Tree


May there always be an angel watching you under a tree…


Do you have a favorite tree?




12 comments on “Trees are the Heart and Soul of Nature

  1. I love trees! My favorite are maple and white birch.

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  2. I grew up with a weeping willow tree outside my bedroom window. So your blog post spoke to me on many levels.
    As always, your photos are lovely.

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  3. I am also a lover of Weeping Willow Trees, Heather! I find them incredible graceful and elegant and I sometimes feel a sadness from them. A friend of mine does tree conversations and creates art from the intuitive conversations she has. It is quite remarkable how trees evoke such a variety of feelings from us. As far as a favourite, I love all trees. I respect them and have great reverence for the beautiful messages each of them offer.

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  4. So beautiful!!! Loved this:) xo

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  5. I too love willows. Love what you shared. Everything has meaning. Thank you. Birch and oak trees draw me, too. And pines that provide shelter and a soft bed and nesting places for wildlife. ❤

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  6. I love trees as well especially the ancient oaks and sequoias. Willows speak to me of their grace and resilience. They bend but seldom break.

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