Trinity Lutheran Church, Milwaukee Architecture and History

I have always been interested in the architecture of buildings.  I love the craftsmanship.  Most of the time it’s the older style that draws me in.  I have a lot of history in my soul.

The Victorian Gothic style always seems to grab my attention.  This is one reason I love to take photographs of churches built in this style.

One Church that grabbed my attention from the first time I saw it was Trinity Lutheran.  It wasn’t just the architecture with that church, it was the light around it.  It felt like it had good energy.  And it certainly was beautiful.

Founded by immigrants from Pomerania, Germany in 1847, it is the second oldest Missouri Synod Congregation in Wisconsin
The building was designed by Fredrick Velguth in Victorian Gothic style.
It is located on 9th St. between Highland and State in historic Milwaukee, WI

Unfortunately the beautiful landmark has recently been devastated by fire.

I am so thankful I have some photos of it to show to the world.

I recently participated in an art show in Milwaukee.  I had a framed photo of it as well as a couple other unframed photos with it in the picture.  It really was a focal point and conversation piece of the day.  People bought photos of it to have as a remembrance.  I could see how much that church meant to so many.

This is one of my favorite city photos I have taken.  The clouds that showed up that day framed it perfectly.  My favorite it the black and white but I love the color as well.

Trinity Lutheran Church - Milwaukee




A couple others taken from the Historic Pabst Brewery site (also full of good energy)

Love the Cream City Brick



2dthmDSC0430bw (8x10)





All the photos are available for purchase in my ETSY store via the links.  Other Milwaukee photos available on there as well in the Cityscape section.


How do you feel about history and architecture?  Does the old or new resonate with you more?  Any favorite places in your town that you are drawn to?


5 comments on “Trinity Lutheran Church, Milwaukee Architecture and History

  1. I am so glad you captured these images – it makes me sad to hear the church was burned down. =(

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  2. I love to look at old churches. They are a marvel when you consider that way back when they were built, there was no modern building equipment, just beautiful craftsmanship and hard work … plus a devotion to God. Totally inspiring.

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  3. What a lovely look at the downtown buildingscape of Milwaukee, Heather Maria! The pictures really show us the old and the new and how a variety of heights and roof shapes adds an interesting dynamic to the overall view. The church looks like it was an exquisite building, with lots of history for those who had the privilege of visiting it. It’s nice you have documented it with your beautiful photography!

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  4. Wow, beautiful, the contrast of old against new is marvelous, so glad you have captured it.

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  5. Such a beautiful image Heather. I can imagine the history one goes through when visiting such a place. The story is palpable. So sad such a structure is ravaged by fire.

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