Road To Nowhere (will lead you everywhere)

  The other day someone purchased this photo from my ETSY shop. She was looking for a photo that had sentimental value as a gift for her friend. I love stories like that. Life isn’t always easy but we create great memories along the way. Kettle Moraine is a beautiful place to hike and it’s […]

Happy 1st Day of Fall

While I am sad for summer to end, especially this year because I really enjoyed it, I always love the fall colors. I saw this quote today that is very fitting. “There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves.” ― Joe L. Wheeler In honor of the Autumnal Equinox I am […]

Nights of the Hunters Moon

Typically the October Hunters Moon eludes me.  This year the sky was generous.  The weather cooperated the day before and the day after the Blood Moon eclipse. With the Full Moon approaching I was able to capture the Hunters Moon on the rise the night before.  7pm October 6, 2014 As the sun began to set […]

Shift the Universe Beyond

Have you ever wanted to shift and change the Universe? If I could do it with my own two hands I would. Moving us in a pattern to create a circular motion. Touching the mirror image of nature with a wealth for healing beyond ourselves. Taking a kaleidoscope view through the spectrum in order to […]

The Climb

Nature Feeds the Soul Surround yourself with Nature and you will never be alone. Feel the peacefulness, breathe in the air, listen to the sounds, see the colors, find beauty in it all. Allow yourself to absorb the healing energy. The Magic of October is among us. It is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness […]