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Milwaukee Photo Event Oct. 14th


Why I write…

Today is National day on writing with the hashtag #WhyIWrite on twitter. The simple answer is I write because I have words inside of me aching to get out. I write to inspire, to engage, to resonate, to share, to understand and to create understanding. It might be a word, a sentence, a phrase, a […]

Self Portrait of an Artist

The way an artist represents herself will be her legacy. It represents who she is. It shows her Journey. Being an artist can be as much about being in front of the camera as well as being behind it. It takes a special person to be able to do both. I was inspired by the […]

Art is my Passion

I am a self taught photographer, writer, artist built on instinct and inspiration. Born and raised in Milwaukee WI, I enjoy capturing a wide variety of subjects based on intuition and the ability to see beauty in everything. My passion for taking photos began at a young age when my grandfather gave me a 110 […]